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  • Are you tired of floppy mops and frail handles? Sick of smelly mop heads? Does your mop do a better job at sweeping and moving dirt around than it actually does of mopping? Is that bucket of water annoying you? Is your handle too short? Tired of streaks? Are you just completely fed up with mopping? 

    Well, ladies and gentlemen if you are like the rest of us and answered yes to any of those questions then you are in the right place!

    Introducing Dredge™! The best mop you will ever use....

    Dredge™ is an advanced microfiber mopping system made with one objective in mind of which certainly is not to annoy you! Its objective is to change the way you view the laborious daily task of mopping to the point of actually enjoying it! Yes! you read right! Just imagine not having to wring out a mop ever again or carry a bucket of water around! And it gets even better!

    Here are some features

    • Fully adjustable 3 part telescopic handle
    • Durable extreme hold velcro bottom
    • Included top cloth holders if you wish to use your own wipes
    • Light weight solid ergonomic design
    • Extremely responsive UV joint allowing complete 360º smooth rotation with no annoying "clicks" and "free play"
    • Effortless gliding with advanced drag and friction resistant MICROFIBER pads.
    • Rigid head lock clip allowing you to lock the mop head in place
    • Easily compacted for storage
    • Chemical free mopping just use water

    What you get in your order

    • 1 Flat mop head
    • 1 Fully adjustable telescopic hande
    • 1 large fringed microfiber pad
    • 1  medium/heavy duty microfiber pad
    • 1 Super fine soft microfiber pad

    Variety is the spice of life!

    Everyone is different and so too are their houses, thats why we have included a choice of 3 different pads that you can pick and choose for the job at hand. Just those 3 pads alone are valued at $30! Thats incredible value for money and most importantly they are REAL microfiber pads! And not that wanna be microfiber! Our pads are nothing but 100% genuine, bacteria removing chemical saving machine washable environmentally friendly MICROFIBER pads!

    Would you like to know exactly what will happen when you buy from us today? Here is a brief run down......

    When your beautifully packaged microfiber mop arrives from amazon to your door you are going to have to resist the urge to not want to rip it open so as not to spoil its wonder and beauty embraced upon it! It is very important you rip it open the first chance you get, remember, your floors are in great need of its advanced care! Take it out & admire its sleek durable & extremely solid ergonomic design, extend its unique patented 3 section telescopic aluminium handle while connecting the mop head then simply drop one of your incredibly absorbent drag & friction resistant microfiber pads on the floor, conveniently place the mop on top & prepare to be amazed in half your usual mopping time as it effortlessly glides over your floor absorbing and removing 99.9% of bacteria scientifically proven to be capable of without chemicals! Phew that was a mouth full! You will notice the vacuum coming out less & less since your pad’s are hair & fur magnets! As you use & experience your fantastic new mop you will notice yourself glancing over to the ol shaggy mop & bucket system with a grin on your face as you realise you have not only eliminated IT but also have you diminished the use of the hoover sitting next to it!

  • Why Choose a Microfiber Mopping System?


    If you’re looking for a more effective and efficient way to clean your floors at a private residence or commercial space, you’ll benefit from discovering the advantages of Microfiber mopping systems. Microfiber in an important tool in the fight against infection and bacteria. Microfiber mopping systems are very popular these days, because they are affordable and beneficial. Now, let’s talk about why you should choose modern Microfiber over conventional cotton!


    Microfiber is a Wonder Material 

    rsz_1440px-microfiber-vs-cottonMicrofiber gives you superb cleaning power! It is made of synthetic fiber finer than a one denier thread. This is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk (which is approximately one denier), which is itself about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. Because of this, microfiber has the ability to clean and penetrate places that cotton simply can not. In addition to this, microfiber traps and completely removes bacteria even with out chemicals as compared to cotton that only moves dirt around as can be seen in the illustration to the left. When you select Microfiber as the material for your next mop, you’ll find that you don’t need to utilize as much water and cleaning solvent. In some cases, you won’t need to use cleaning solvents at all, as plain water will be enough to ensure good cleaning, fast. Since these mop systems are so efficient, you may also find that they save you time and energy. You won’t need to dip and wring. Conventional mops require a labor-intensive approach. As well, conventional cotton mops may cross-contaminate and there is less risk of this type of cross-contamination with Microfiber designs.


    Microfiber Is Gentle on Surfaces


    Some cotton mops have rough fibers which may damage surfaces. For example, they may scratch and leave marks. Microfiber is super-soft, so you’ll find that it’s able to clean gently and leave surfaces in mint condition. If you want to protect your investment by keeping every surface in pristine condition, investing in a Microfiber mopping system is a smart decision!

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    We really care!

    There are many reasons why you should buy from us! At Temples pride we believe in quality over quantity and are completely bent over customer satisfaction, always putting you first! When you buy from us, not only do you great quality products but also a humble caring team of talented people at your beck and call with one objective at all times which is to make sure YOU are happy.

  • Free shipping for Prime!

    If you have Amazon prime enjoy fantastic FAST free shipping on all of our products as they are Prime eligible.

    We use Amazons world class fulfillment program with warehouses in over 20 states across the USA with our stock spread out between them ensuring your order reaches you in the quickest possible way (depending on the speed of postage chosen).

    Lost order?

    As we all know sometimes even the pro's don't quite get things right and your much anticipated package miraculously vanishes in the order process! If your order does disappear somewhere in parcel land, fear not! We've got you covered! Amazon refunds any order they are responsible for losing.

  • We believe in and stand by our products 100% and go beyond Amazons return policy. Should you have any problems we are here for you and if you are not happy in any way then neither are we. We go above and beyond to satisfy you no matter the cost. At the end of the day your satisfaction is our GOAL.

Customer reviews


We have a lot of hardwood floors in our home and a lot of ceramic tile. A microfiber mop like this is great for dusting and mopping. We liked the extendable aluminum handle that allows you to set it to the height that is most comfortable for you. It comes with three microfiber cleaning pads. The mop is ruggedly made and the aluminum rod is strong. The telescoping handle is nice because I can adjust it to fit me at 6 feet 2 inches and my wife at 5 feet 6 inches and set it for her height. The telescoping rod when closed is 26.5 inches long and when it is fully extended it is 59 inches long. You simply twist it to lock the rod to a certain length. The end of the rod has a loop hole in it to allow you to hang the rod onto a hook or onto a nail in the garage or in a utility room for storage. You can also fold up the mopping head and collapse the rod and it is small enough to store in a small space between two cabinets for example.

The mop pads are easily installed and removed and they are machine washable. The large pads and the head of the mop make quick work of dusting and mopping. You don’t have to drag around a bucket of water or keep plugging in a vacuum to sweep the floor. My wife uses a spray bottle of vinegar water for the hardwood floors and it helps to clean them up quickly. The back of the mop head has adjustable fabric keepers so you can attach wiping cloths if you would like. My wife does vacuum the floors to remove any excess hair. We don’t have any pets right now but she has long hair and she always tries to keep it cleaned up like in the bathrooms.

We had used some Swiffer mops but they didn’t last long. On one of them the handle broke after about a month of light use and on another the sprayer stopped working within 3 months. This mop is just made better and more rugged and it looks like it will hold up to mopping and dusting a lot better than the Swiffer mops did. These are great for a quick clean up, dusting or mopping up a spill. The large heads of the mop make fast and easy work for dusting and mopping. The pads are 17 inches long by 5 ¼ inches wide. The pad with the fringes is actually larger because of the fringe and it is 18.5 inches long by 6 ¼ inches wide.

The back of the pads is a soft material and this is good as it immediately sticks to the long strips of Velcro that are riveted to the aluminum mopping head. That makes the pads fast and easy to put on and take off. the back of the mop head also has two moving fabric keeps that can be used to allow you to put fabric or paper covers onto the microfiber pads to keep them clean and extend their usable life. The mechanism that the rod screws into is highly flexible and it allows you to easily maneuver the mop in multiple ways very easily. Please see my video. There is also a locking mechanism that can hold the rod in forward and back motion but not allow side to side motion. We like it unlocked.

What’s in the package?
• The mop head
• The adjustable handle
• A soft microfiber pad.
• A heavier duty microfiber wet mopping pad
• A microfiber pad with a fringe on it that is good for dusting and picking up hair off of the floor and its microfiber center also makes this mop head a good wet mop.

This is a well-made product and my wife likes it. I liked how the head of the mop easily swivels and allows the head of the mop to fit in between the toilets and the walls or into tight spaces around carpets. We rated it at 5 stars.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.47.42

What's worse, mopping or vacuuming? I've never been much of a fan of either. I did the whole Swiffer thing which never worked as I have tile floors. The mops would just go over the grout lines and clean the tiles (not always very well). So over time, the grout lines would get nasty. And really, I'm just not that big of a fan of using a toothbrush to clean grout lines. If that is your thing, I wish you well. But most of us have too much going to get that crazy about getting tile and grout clean. Yet we go crazy with guilt if company comes over and we imagine they are judging us. Am I the only one who feels this way? I care but not enough to do anything about it? Should this much time be devoted to the subject of floor tile grout, anyway?

Yes, it should. Because I actually got my floors cleaned without getting my hands dirty. And the grout did get clean. Part of it was my strategy, but mostly it was the the mop. It was not a wimpy Swiffer. Not a rangy nasty string mop. It was not an old bath towel. I used this mop, and it came with three fabric style heads. The backing is completely velcro, so it sticks to the base mop flat portion entirely and not in one spot only. And there's no fabric to stick into little holes (unless you want to, it provides the holes if you buy a different fabric portion), the entire piece sticks to the mop.

One mop head is for dust-mopping, one is more a light cleanse, and the one I used for my nasty grout floors I would call the jackhammer. It has enough depth to clean into the lines instead of sliding over. What I did on this first use of the mop was to spray a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, and hot water on to the grout lines first and let it sit (that doesn't normally work entirely but with the new mop I was trying an old trick). After ten minutes, I mopped with only a hot water/dish liquid solution. Killed it. Nailed it. The grout was clean. I used the jackhammer mop head and it really dug into the grout.

Doing it with the lemon juice solution before didn't cut it, this combination was great. So a big plus for me is the three different tops to choose from, all included. The base can maneuver around toilet bases and lights and anything in the way. The handle has various heights, at 5'6" I found the perfect height that I didn't have to bend too much and hurt my back.In all, this was a great set. I did get it at no charge to review as it's a new product. However, if anything, I would have warned you off if were bad (and there have been many bad mops!). In any case, with Amazon's return policy, you are safe if you hate it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.08.25

Well I can say right from the get-go that this microfiber mop has replaced all my swiffer dusters and sweepers as far as being my very fav! I love this.. it is light weight, easy to maneuver, low profile so you can get under chairs, and tables and it works great. It has two very strong velcro like strips on the bottom of the mop. The included dusting/mopping pads are velcro friendly and just grab hold of the bottom and thats it. The velcro holds the pads on very tightly so you have no slippage. The pads are machine washable so no further investments to buy new pads continuously. The screw on mop handle can collapse down or expand from 29-69 inches which makes storing it a bit easier if you space limited, you can collapse it down in seconds.

I have two dogs and my big dog sheds all the time, and all summer especially, so where ever he lays, when he gets up there is tufts of dog hair all over. Brushing him keeps it down a bit but overall, the dog just sheds. I used this mop on my vinyl floors, sprayed a bit of endust on the pad and it picked up much more than I even knew was there.. I was able to get under the barstools, and table and chairs, and partially under the loveseat etc.. nice slim low profile lets you slide under some of your furniture. I don't know a single negative about this mop.. it is perfect for my uses and it has replaced my swiffers. Thumbs up from me!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.45.00

Summary: Excellent dry/wet mop for hardwood floors, 3 mop heads and locking swivel are a plus. We remodeled our first floor a couple of years ago and had hardwood put in. My wife purchased an e-cloth deep cleaning mop and found it to work well for maintaining the floors, but it was not without issues. First, it only came with one fabric mop head and the friction was a bit high, making the plastic head "Flop" over from time to time when used wet,- rather frustrating. Also, we store the mop in a closet, and the swivel head would stay not stay in place when stored.

I was able to fix the second issue with some velcro, but the flopping issue was getting my wife pretty annoyed. This mop comes with 3 fabric heads - one is a fine head which is intended for dry use - it has about as much friction when used wet as the e-cloth does when wet. The other 2 heads have a coarser fabric which seems to be nearly identical to the e-cloth fabric heads. My wife's observation is that the 2 coarse fabric heads move with a lot less drag and at the same time clean much better than the e-cloth fabric head.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.41.13

This is the best mop I have ever tried. I have never found a mop that I like. I just thought they all stunk so use what you have. For this mop… it is not as heavy as other mops but it is still strong. I was a bit concerned about it being so light but I have to say, it is sturdy which did surprise me. It was very easy to put together and I am able to slide it into the closet for storage. The handle can be adjusted to the length you want it to be.

I use this every night to do a quick sweep around the floors. It takes me about 5 minutes and it is surprising all the stuff I pick up each night. That is the joys of having a cat and a grandson that likes to visit often. I have had this for a few weeks now and I have only had to do a good vacuum once. Do keep in mind that this will not pick up big pieces of things like paper, glass, or cat litter etc. As for mopping, I have to say, it does a good job. I don’t normally have a big spill that is a pain to mop up but I think if there is a major spill this may not be all the good to use. But for me, there isn’t that often something major spills that isn’t so easy to clean up.

I do get spills due to my grandson but nothing major. This is so easy to use. I pull it out, spray the floor and mop it up! When you’re done toss it in the washing machine and it’s clean! Because this is light, easy to use I don’t need to do a major mopping. When I see an area that needs to be mopped I pull this out real quick and mop it up. Much easier than pulling out the bucket and filing it with water etc. I like this better than the swifter. I feel it is easier to use, the handle on this adjusts which the swifter handle didn’t. The head on this is bigger than the swifter so I am cleaning more at a time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.44.28

I love this Microfiber mop. I just bought my second pair, so I could have a different one for each level of the house. My other ones are 16". I like the extra width of this one, but the mop handle for this size is heavier and bulkier. It doesn't matter when the mop is being pushed around the floor, but it's a bit harder to carry and to put the mop pad onto.

I use the wet mop pads much more than the dusting pad (I tend to vacuum rather than dust--although I find that the dust pads get under furniture that the vacuum cleaner doesn't reach), and they're wonderful. I wet one, put it on the mop base, spray it with an appropriate hardwood floor cleaner (not essential, but it makes the mop glide better and the floor look better), and let it just about glide itself across the floor. When the pad gets dryish or dirty (usually both at about the same time), I rip it off and put on the next one. The pads wash well in the washing machine, and I lay them flat to dry. Occasionally, I've forgotten and put them in the dryer, which hasn't seemed to hurt them. (I think they're supposed to be less absorbent when they're machine-dried.) One recommendation: Buy extra wet mop pads. First, it's amazing how much dirt they pick up. And second, they tend to dry out quickly as you mop. Rather than re-wet a dirty pad, I change it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.42.50

Shopping online,once in a blue moon,you get an unexpected surprise at the quality of a product you bought,whether in a positive or negative way! Fortunately,this floor mop fell under the category of a positive surprise! I was getting tired of buying expensive replacements for a famous brand mop we bought at the local super store,till I came across this one and I thought I would give it a try!!

Easy to put together,the extended arm needed to be screwed in and that is basically all what it takes to get it going! It will take some getting used to,in order to master mopping with it! The best part yet,it can be used either wet or dry,and once you get it wet,it is just like the more expensive brands! The microfiber mop is extremely absorbent,and hard enough to tackle and remove any stuck dirt!

All and all,this mop is a decent quality,and will deliver all what promises in the product listing. After using it for a couple of times,I do recommend it for its ease of use,not to mention the fair price tag. Still, if you're a skeptical person and not sure whether to trust other people's reviews or not! With Amazon's 30 day return policy, you have four weeks to try it out yourself, before returning it for any reason, with no questions asked, and in most cases Amazon will pay for the return shipping, in other words, it is a win, win situation!! With that said, I hope you find my humble opinion helpful in making or breaking your buying decision.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.43.23

This is a really nice microfiber dust mop kit. I regularly use a Swiffer because it's dust and mop pads are disposable but can also be costly. With this system mop there there are large pads for dusting furniture, dust mopping floors and wet mopping the floors. The mop handle is very long and can be adjusted to size which is nice and the mop heads are machine washable. I used it to dust mop the floors but since I loose a lot of hair lately I saw that the mop picked up the dust and all the hair which was fabulous but in order to clean the pad I had to grab a paper towel and remove it from the mop which was a bit frustrating and time consuming for me because I would not put in the washer that way. On the upside, it picks up a lot of dirt and dust and hair so pet hair will be swept up but again if the hair is long, you would have to manually clean it up from the mop pad.

For dusting the furniture and walls it worked great and the wet mopping worked great as well, although I had to use my own liquid unlike the Swiffer that comes on a wet pad. I have hardwood floors and tiles and this mop serves it's purpose. As for the usage, because of my hair i will not use ito to dust mop but i will use it to mop and dust the furniture when i run out of my stiffer products, although this system is a inexpensive alternative so it's up to the individuals preference.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.09.04

We have laminate and tile floors throughout the house and live on the Oregon Coast. Between the sand everywhere and our three cats and a dog, keeping the floors looking nice can be a challenge. Sweeping can be less than effective and hauling the vac around can be frustrating when it just blows the sand and hair around, so this dredge mop is a real boon! It is amazingly effective in collecting dirt, sand, and hair - even using a dry mop-head! I have used a Swiffer Wet Vac off and on, and it does an okay job, but it sometimes leaves streaks on the floor and the pads need to be changed often - expensive and more junk for the landfill.

This microfiber mop leaves behind no residue, and the floors look and feel great! The three mop-heads that are included can all be tossed into the washing machine and reused many times - hopefully for the full life of the mop (replacement heads are available if necessary). I'm a little bit puzzled about the use of wipes with this mop, and the directions don't address that issue. Otherwise, the instructions for assembly and use are pretty good. There is more information on this page, and the people at Temples Pride are very helpful and eager to please, so the answers to questions are out there. This is a top-notch product and one that I can honestly recommend.

I received a sample dredge mop to try, test, and evaluate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, which this is. I am very impressed with this product and the enthusiasm of the company behind it. I will update this review if I run into problems later, but I really don't expect that to happen.


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