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  • Are you a professional chef looking for a high quality and powerful blow torch for your restaurant? Or, are you an at home cook wanting to expand your use of culinary tools and techniques? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, The Ultimate Culinary Blow Torch is just what you’re looking for!


    Choosing the Right Blow Torch

    It can oftentimes be difficult to find the perfect blow torch for your needs especially with so many options to choose from!


    When selecting a blow torch for your home or restaurant, you may be considering…


    • Cost
    • Quality
    • Usefulness
    • Style
    • Reliability


    Considering these points are all very important to keep in mind.


    The Blow-Pro™ Advantage

    We understand your need to find a blow torch that ticks all of the items on your checklist. With this in mind, we’ve have made it easy for you to decide and developed The Ultimate Blow Torch ready to take your kitchen fun to unimaginable new heights.


    Our Torch isn’t like any other torch on the market, it features a host of benefits, including....

    • Single fire rapid ignition system
    • Large capacity tank
    • Fully adjustable anti-Flare flame regulation knob
    • High quality craftsmanship
    • Easy to use
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Attractive style
    • Beautifully packaged
    • Ultra low price
    • And more!


    Let us describe exactly what will happen when you buy from us today!


    When your gorgeous well presented beautifully packaged blow torch arrives to your door from amazon prepare to be amazed as you pop it on the counter and find yourself staring at it completely intrigued by its well thought of and sleek elegant design! And that's just the beginning!


    When you are finally done admiring its box go ahead and open it and see it for what is really is! If you could paint Ergonomic, Durable, Professional, this would be it! Fill it up and fire away enjoying its single click ignition system and experience torching from all angles with its advanced Blow-Pro™ angle flow technology going sideways or even upside down is not a problem! Built to last with an incredibly sturdy feel this is not a toy!


    This is though the part where disappointment sets in for those expecting a mediocre low quality miniature clone as ours is FAR from that! Our torch (one of a kind) is ready to take you to new heights of kitchen funness only achievable through QUALITY & RELIABILITY! We understand that you are entrusting us with your invaluable "special moments" be it working up an amazing pudding, making tremendous Mexican ice cream, roasting peppers, scorching meringue, roasting marshmallows, finishing off the crisp on your ham, whichever it be just know that we value & respect those moments which is why you can trust and rely on us!

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    We really care!

    There are many reasons why you should buy from us! At Temples pride we believe in quality over quantity and are completely bent over customer satisfaction, always putting you first! When you buy from us, not only do you great quality products but also a humble caring team of talented people at your beck and call with one objective at all times which is to make sure YOU are happy.

  • Free shipping for Prime!

    If you have Amazon prime enjoy fantastic FAST free shipping on all of our products as they are Prime eligible.

    We use Amazons world class fulfillment program with warehouses in over 20 states across the USA with our stock spread out between them ensuring your order reaches you in the quickest possible way (depending on the speed of postage chosen).

    Lost order?

    As we all know sometimes even the pro's don't quite get things right and your much anticipated package miraculously vanishes in the order process! If your order does disappear somewhere in parcel land, fear not! We've got you covered! Amazon refunds any order they are responsible for losing.

  • We believe in and stand by our products 100% and go beyond Amazons return policy. Should you have any problems we are here for you and if you are not happy in any way then neither are we. We go above and beyond to satisfy you no matter the cost. At the end of the day your satisfaction is our GOAL.


Customer reviews


I have been wanting a blow torch to up my cooking game and this is perfect! It is small and easy to use and has safety features in place to make sure I don't burn myself. It comes in a nice package so it would also be a great gift for a friend who loves to cook. I like to use this to make smores, creme brulee, roast meat, the options are endless! It makes the skin of meat so crispy but the inside so juicy. It is important to be careful when using this because it is fire. It was easy to fill with butane, I just held it for about 10 seconds to fill with a tank. To have the fire come out, you have to pull the trigger, as well as the safety lock. After a few seconds, you can let go and the fire will keep going. To turn off the flame, you just press the safety lock again and it will turn off automatically. The top top, there is a dial where you can adjust the size of the flame. I usually use it at a fairly low size near clockwise and it still allows me to sear or heat anything I need without having a huge flame that will go out of control. There is also a nice stand that allows you to let it sit on a kitchen top. The torch is well made and well designed. It really adds to my tools in the kitchen and my guests are always amazed at what I can cook up.


I've owned/used other butane torches, from the home shop Big Blue version, to an uber-yuppie Williams Sonoma gizmo designed for urban foodies. I've liked all of them.The Temples Pride product combines the best features of all the torches I've used. It's easy to fill (I love that it has a generous sized tank), there are several flame configurations, it has a comfortable trigger, and a button to allow continuous fire. I would have posted pictures of Creme Brûlée--but we ate it all!


This culinary blowtorch is so much fun to use. It can caramelize the sugar on crème brûlée, in marshmallows, or on the rims of heavy barware for specialty drinks. It can make perfectly-browned meringues, crisp chicken skin, quick-roast peppers, and heat a brand for steaks.The flame is easy to adjust with the large, prominent knob and the long flame guard allows for precision work. The torch has a safety lock, a trigger ignition, and a stable, removable base.It is easy to fill with a standard can of butane fuel as sold on Amazon or at many drugstores, hardware stores, etc.


Bought the torch for Crème brûlée, found other uses for it. Like searing the outside of tuna, starting fireplace...etc. One canister of butane works fine for now., filled in 3-4 seconds. A safe, reliable, powerful, useful tool for the kitchen


This torch is fantastic, excellent flame, feels great, great price for the budget conscience... LOL, I Cream Brûlée (So to speak) everything now!


This is perfect for the culinary expert or for beginner chefs. I say that because my his bishop can't make oatmeal was able to char his burger without burning downtown the house. When he picked it up I did get nervous, but he got it down pat in a second. Thankfully. I like that you don't have to finagle this to get it to turn on, after you put butane in the gadget of course. All you have to do is pull the red trigger button while holding in the lock button and bam, fiyaaaaah! You can adjust the fire size by moving the red dial at the top of the torch. For a real quick fire experience, make sure the fire that comes out is all blue. I like it, it's a great addition to my kitchen, although I do plan on hiding it from my husband who thinks all of a sudden he needs to char everything he eats. Sigh.


This is a fairly nice blow torch for its price. It's made up of a pretty nice material. It didn't take long at all to setup. To use it, you just have to pull the trigger while pushing down the lock button. I like the little flame guard below the trigger because it can protect your hands. You can change the flame by twisting the little thing at the top. This torch is really useful for searing things or for desserts. I mainly use it for desserts. Now I don't have to broil things anymore. I can just use this. I would highly recommend this if you need a torch.


I love culinary torches so I was anxious to try this one out.Torch technical stuff:: regulation knob, safety lock, large capacity tank, filling valve, removable stand, hand guard, self igniting, brass and ceramic tip. The torch is easy to handle, easy to use and works great. You will need to fill it with butane before you use it, good directions on the box if you have never done this before but it is pretty easy.... first make sure the trigger guard is not activated, and that the gas regulation knob is closed. To fill turn the torch upside down and press the tip of the butane fuel tab into the gas filling valve. About ten seconds. ... once full let the torch sit for a minute before use.I am not going to go into all the details, complete directions are on the back of the box.Using it is easy, ignite the flame, and use the torch..the nozzle allows you to adjust the size of the flame, and shut off is easy, just press the safety lock button, you will hear a click and the flame goes out, also turn off the gas adjustment nozzle. I have no complaints, this works great, is pretty easy to use and you can fancy up some plain jane foods into some lovely gourmet style foods.. I included some photos of my knock off creme brulee, which just cheesecake instant pudding, brown sugar and slivered almonds the torched...


I am so glad that I got this torch. It's very easy to use, and finding a butane fuel canister was not difficult at all, at least not for me. My husband is always the one to do the quests for things I need for my ideas. So he took the blow torch to the hardware store to find a butane canister that would fit it. When he got home from his assigned quest, he had the butane refill canister and we immediately filled the blow torch. We filled it for the recommended 10 seconds, and assumed it was full.

Lighting the torch wasn't really much different than lighting a childproof lighter that you would use for lighting candles or a barbeque. Just turn on the end red dial, push in the red button on the side, let go of the side button, and hold the trigger in the front for a couple of seconds so that the flame stays on. Let go of the trigger, and you can adjust the length of the flame with the red dial at the top of the handle. To turn it off, just press the button on the side of the handle.

As for uses for this torch, I still have a lot to learn, but with a little research I have found that garlic bread could be made in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Some broiling tasks can be done much or quickly and efficiently, such as caramelizing barbeque sauce on ribs. Melting cheese on casseroles or sandwiches or browning casseroles can also be done with this torch. Another great use would be to crisp skin on baked chicken. I guess I could go on and on with uses for this blow torch. So I think I will have a lot of fun with it and will definitely keep it handy. This is another one of those things that you really have to think outside the box and not limit yourself to conventional uses.

I thought I might also mention that this blow torch does include instructions, but they are on the back of the box. It doesn't tell you what butane refill to get, but my husband found on that fits by taking the torch to the hardware store when he bought one. Since I have never had such a kitchen tool, and have had no problem figuring out how to use it, I really don't think that operation should be an issue.


We had so much fun creating beautiful deserts with this torch! It's worked great for us!


I had written another lengthy review of this Ultimate culinary blow torch, but it seems to have gotten eaten up by the cybergods. So here we go again...

First, some of you may wonder what a culinary blow torch is for. There are many uses, but the one I was most interested in is to use for putting a sear on steaks cooked sous vide (vacuum-packed in a water bath). One can cook the absolutely perfect to-die-for steak sous vide, but to make the experience restaurant-quality, you have to be able to do a (preferably) butter sear to cause the Maillard (browning) reaction that gives you that heavenly perfect-steak flavor. But it's kind of a drag to have to heat and dirty up a pan just to sear a steak, which is where the culinary blow torch comes in. (You can also use one to brown the top of a cheesy casserole, make various toasted items, or for flambés and desserts like the classic Crème Brûlée. It's pretty impressive when you do this at the table.)

The torch is easy to fill with butane. The instructions for the torch said 10 seconds, but my Colibri butane called for 3 to 5 seconds. I went the whole 10 seconds. The mechanism to ignite the torch involves pulling the red trigger while holding down the lock button, but after a few seconds you can release the lock button and the torch stays on. The little red knob on top of the torch adjusts the size and intensity of the flame; you want to shoot for only blue flame. To turn off the flame, you just press the lock button again and it instantly quits. One nice thing about this torch is the hand guard below the flame. Once you light the torch, you can remove your fingers from the top part of the torch where the flame is and hold it below the guard, which protects your skin from the heat.

I confess, when I was offered this torch at a discount in exchange for my honest review, I was a little nervous about it. I'd tried another culinary torch that was tricky to use and, frankly, intimidated me and made me feel like it was in control of me and not vice versa. At first I thought this one was going to be the same thing, but I'd misunderstood the instructions. Many people, I think, have a tendency to think of "off" as turning a dial or knob counterclockwise. It's such a habit to do that, that that's precisely what I did. When I ignited the torch, it blasted out a very large, yellow-tongued flame that scared the bejesus out of me. DP was nearby, and he exclaimed, "You could burn the whole place down with that!" Then I read the instructions again and checked the adjustment dial; all the way counterclockwise is full-throttle on. When I reversed the procedure and started from just a little opened up from full clockwise (off), I was able to ignite safely and adjust it to a very civilized, usable, but still very hot flame. So just be careful and be sure you are doing it the right way...or you really could burn the whole place down with it!

This torch does not take up a lot of room so you can always have it handy. You don't want to set it near a heat source, of course, but because I'm not using my crummy apartment stove for anything but as a spare countertop—all my cooking is done in a sous vide water bath, heated up in the microwave, or air-fried in my Multifry air fryer/oven—I keep it on the stove beside my spices and utensil crock where it looks nice and is out of the way.


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